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Why a Wooden fence?

Why wood is ALWAYS a great choice

Being new to fences and including wooden fences, how you choose what's right can be too much to deal with. Choosing a wooden fence gives you benefits that are not available with other types unless you really need a solid security fence, you should seriously consider wood. Wood may seem like it is not very versatile, and that is true to some extent but not completely. What is about to be revealed about wooden fences may well tip the scales in favor of this annual popular choice.

Variety of Options for Wood Fences

Lexington wood privacy fenceMore people tend to choose wooden fences and for a variety of reasons, and for one thing, they look more attractive than a chain link fence. Listen to what your gut tells you about this, but do try to arm your self with some facts. One thing that is for sure is that you can read all about the choices you can make if you take the time to do this. And don't forget that you can add other things to a fence such as various wire meshes for specific purposes. You will find that wood fencing can be bought in sections or unassembled, which means someone will have to assemble it.

Affordable Fence Guys also installs commercial wooden fencing for businesses located in or near Lexington/Mecklenburg residential areas. Learn more about Lexington and the local community.

Wooden Fencing is GREAT for Pets

Custom wooden fences are very popular with pet owners. Some people do like the "open-ness" of hurricane fencing, but if your dog is anything like ours, just seeing someone around the house can set off a whole new round of barking. We definitely like the privacy factor. What Fido doesn't see, Fido won't be howling at! Now, if you are concerned about pets escaping out of your yard, then the easy way to stop that is with wire mesh fencing material added. What very many homeowners do is run some fine wire mesh around the bottom of the wood fence, but since it's wood, you can just tack the mesh right to the fence.

Since the wire mesh can be a fine grade, the wire will not be visible from a distance which means the natural beauty of the fence will not be seriously impacted. And of course this mesh will keep your pets in the yard assuming it cannot jump over the fence.

Wooden Fences - Easier to Work Around

Wooden fences are easier to work around. Let's face it, mowing and caring for the landscape is a whole lot easier with a wood fence. Working with a metal fence just causes you to slow down so you don't have problems with chain links. If you've ever tried to weed-eat around a chain link fence, you know how fast you can chew through your trimming line banging up against that wire. Not so much when working around wood. Wooden posts are nothing to deal with in this scenario and they are easy to work around.

In a housing market that seems to be bouncing up and down recently, peace of mind takes on a different value, as buyers seeking homes are more interested in the comfort and lifestyle specifics of where they are going live, rather than the potential resale value of a given home.

Wood - the easy choice!

These and more pros about wooden fences make them a clear and easy choice for most people. So be sure you have all the necessary equipment so you can get the best results. What do you think after reading about wooden fences and why going with this choice makes so much sense. Don't be afraid to ask all the questions you want or need to have addressed. You can drive around where you live and study what others have done if you need ideas about what to do. Take all the time that is necessary, and this requires some patience on your part, but it is important to be patient.

How About your old wood fence? Can it be restored?

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