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A Few More Wood Fence FAQs

We hope we've answered a lot of your fencing questions and given you a great overview of what it takes to get a new high-quality wooden fence installed in your Lexington area home. We install fences all throughout the Lexington Mecklenburg area and we can also do other types of fences including chain, aluminum, horse fences and anything else you'd expect from a great fencing company!

Fencing FAQs

Lexington wood privacy fence Have you got spaced picket panels with closer picket spacing?
Custom fence panels aren't available, but we do provide loose pickets and rails in most markets. These can be used to make your own spaced picket panel to your desired spacing. We've got various picket styles to choose from.
How about gates? Are there any "normal sizes" available?
Yes. Most gates are offered in 36", 42" or 44" widths. Make custom gates through the use of loose components or by trimming a fence panel for the proper width.
Can you offer finials or post caps to beautify my post tops?
Yes. We offer fence accessories, including post points, post caps, finials and finial bases.
At what depth should I bury fence posts?
A rule of thumb is always to set a third of the span of the post within the ground. Make use of a diameter of 10"-12" for all postholes.
Should all posts be placed in concrete?
We urge that all posts be place in concrete in accordance with local conditions and standard building practices. Posts that are not set in concrete will gradually lean because of wind and weather.
What kind of nails/screws should I use when installing my fence?
Use hot dip galvanized fasteners or alternative fasteners as required by building codes; otherwise, your treated wood will last longer in relation to the unprotected fasteners you've used to put it together. Fastener manufacturers may also recommend products which work well with ProWood Fencing. See the ProWood Edge - Fasteners for more information.
How do I use a fence panel on the sloped landscape?
Preassembled fence panels might be set up on a slope using the stair step approach.
Can I paint or stain my fence? We suggest applying paint or stain every two years or as needed. Consult with us or even our installers for further detailed attention and maintenance tips. We suggest applying a protective finish to the fence after it is installed. This may minimize the effects of weathering and to maximize the life span of your fencing.
Why do fence posts rot and break?

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